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 Susana’s Secret Inc., is an American company, based in the State of Illinois. Created to bring nature’s goodness to the beauty, skin and hair care products you use every-day!

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Our effective natural formulas are based on essential oils from herbs, roots, and fruits from all over the planet. We travel the world to find oils and plants of the highest quality, from reliable sources, with extraordinary properties and aromas.

Our goal is to revitalize and improve the ancestral beauty treatments of Ecuador and those of the rest of the world, putting them within easy reach, these ancient recipes…that REALLY work...

All of Susana’s Secret products have been tested for several years… by Susana herself, with amazing results! We strongly believe once you compare the quality and benefits of our products especially the ones you use in your daily routine, you will find out we are one of the best alternatives on the market!

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Growing with the same dedication and integrity, as Mother Nature makes our ingredients!